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Return and replacement of goods


In the event you’re our customer, please, follow this procedure. You could speed up the entire complaints procedure. In the event of the incorrect complaints procedure, we can’t be held responsible for any potential mistakes.


Procedure for the return and replacement of goods:


  1. Please, contact the sales representative at the address info@speedbox-tuning.co.za, specify the number of your order and describe your problem briefly. Thanks to this, we know that we should expect your package.
  2. For your goods, add the information describing the defect, the number of your order and potentially your proposal for remedy. We could send you a new SpeedBox or return the cash (replacement or refund). Pack everything carefully.
  3. Send the package to the following address:


20 2nd Avenue, Lambton


Please, do not send the complaints to any other address. Please, note that in the event of sending your package to any other address, your complaint does not have to be handled.

Keep the tracking number for any potential tracking of your package.

Please, do not forget that the SpeedBox Tuning Team employees are available at the e-mail info@speedbox-tuning.co.za and they will be glad to explain to you the entire procedure for the return and replacement of your goods.

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