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For Yamaha

Our tuning chips allow you to unlock the speed limit of your e-bike, so the engine will support you even above 25 km/h. You will be able to enjoy riding at any speed that will depend only on the frequency of your pedaling.

SpeedBox 3.0 for Yamaha is the latest third generation tuning chip. This SpeedBox shows the real speed on the e-bike display and now it also allows you to set your own maximum speed limit.

Would you like to keep track of your rides? SpeedBox 3.0 B.Tuning for Yamaha is also equipped with Bluetooth technology, which enables pairing your e-bike with our SpeedBox App mobile application.

The reliable second-generation tuning chips SpeedBox 2.0 for Yamaha PW (2018) and SpeedBox 2.0 for Yamaha UrbanRush remain in our current product line. These tuning chips not only unlock the speed limit of your e-bike, but also allow you to monitor real riding data on your e-bike display.

SpeedBox products are thoroughly tested and we stand behind their quality. We provide lifelong warranty to all our products.