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SpeedBox 1.0 B.Tuning for Bosch (Smart System)

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Activation: SpeedBox App / WALK / + – + –
Maximum speed: 50 km/ h
Indication of tuning activation/deactivation: YES (2,5/9,9 km/h)
Display shows:
readable actual speed
correct travelled distance (after the countdown process is
Compatible with:
displays KIOX 300
motors Bosch Gen4 + Smart System
SpeedBox App
Not compatible with e-bikes that have a magnet attached to a valve (Bosch Rim Magnet)

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The tuning chip with Bluetooth technology and mobile app for your e-bike with Bosch Gen4 motor and Smart System. Enjoy your unlimited ride and all the great functions that our SpeedBox App has to offer.


SpeedBox B.Tuning brings a unique connection of e-bike and mobile phone and suppresses the speed limiter on your e-bike. When in use, the display shows the real speed up to 22.2 km/h. After exceeding this speed your actual speed is indicated on the last two digits of the display.




– 22.3 corresponds to a speed of 23 km/h
– 23.1 corresponds to a speed of 31 km/h


The actual speed and other riding data will be displayed correctly in our SpeedBox App – right on the display of your phone.

How does SpeedBox 1.0 B.Tuning work?

To activate all the functions of the SpeedBox correctly, it is necessary to enter the menu and switch to the circumference of your bike after switching on the e-bike.


This tuning chip is also very easy to control. You will activate SpeedBox 1.0 B.Tuning via mobile app or directly on your e-bike’s control unit by activating the WALK assist function shortly (holding down the “” button). Your e-bike display will show a value of 9,9 km/h (6,2 mph) and from now on you will be able to ride at unlimited speed.


To deactivate the tuning chip, activate the WALK assist function shortly again (by holding down the “” button). Your e-bike display will show a value of 2,5 km/h (1,6 mph) and the speed limit will be reset to 25 km/h. Your e-bike will then work the same as before the chip installation.


SpeedBox was also designed for e-bikes that do not have the WALK assist function enabled, or activated. In this case, you can activate/deactivate tuning by switching between two assistance modes twice, i.e. by pressing the +-+- buttons.


When you first open the SpeedBox App, you will be asked to type in a new PIN. This PIN will be requested each time you open the SpeedBox App. After confirming the PIN, you will be asked to set a service password. Your service password will be used in case you forget the PIN or want to change it.


The “countdown” process will continue concealed during charging, therefore, if you charge your e-bike with a connected battery, you can ignore the following instructions. If you need to remove the battery from your e-bike in order to charge it, you need to wait for the SpeedBox to carry out the “countdown” process after the ride. When you stop your e-bike, the ongoing “countdown” process will be indicated by the increasing riding time. Once the “countdown” process is completed, the riding time stops and the e-bike display shows the correct distance travelled. The countdown process can be interrupted by turning off the ebike or by setting off, so it does not restrict the use of your e-bike in any way. However, you still need to have the countdown process run regularly to prevent tuning detection.


We use original connectors for the production of SpeedBox chips ensuring that the installation process is very simple and the chip is connected properly. We have also prepared detailed instructions and videos to make installation easy for you. Disassembly of the tuning chip is just as easy. If you have any troubles with installation or disassembly, do not hesitate to contact us.


If you are planning to install SpeedBox on a brand-new bike, make sure you ride it for at least 1 km before the chip is activated.


Download manuals: SpeedBox for Bosch, SpeedBox App



Please note that the operation of this type of modified electric bike on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use SpeedBox products. Electric bikes equipped with SpeedBox products are not allowed to be used on public roads, cycling paths and public places. Electric bikes equipped with SpeedBox products can be used exclusively on private property and entirely at one’s own risk. The use of SpeedBox may void the warranty of your e-bike.


We strongly recommend using safety features and protective gear to prevent injuries.


If you lose your service password or pin, you can use our service available here.


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